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Today’s Market Status –

The Market Status & Direction has moved off lows and back to a bull trend.

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Stock News from “StockBUZZ”

floortraderStock News - Markets weak pushing up against highs with first quarter earnings in focus. Tech and Pharma take some big hits. Welcome Dave, he says the markets are going higher!  Join the Conversation

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“Buy and Hold is DEAD!”

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Buy and Hold is DEAD!. The Stock Market Rotates from one sector to another and from Bull to Bear. Market Rotation is a well know fact. If you are not  following the rotations in the market your investments will be left very, very far behind!

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Market Rotation Indicator (MRI)
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Market Rotation IndicatorThe groundbreaking MRI is only available to you as a member of StockSuccess. It represents a host of indicators that are analyzed for you each day, providing you with a unique and successful combination of timing signals and trade data not available anywhere else in the marketplace keeping, you one step ahead of the market.

which generates "FlashAlerts", "Trade Signals" and "Active Trade Plans"
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Market Index Analysis

Market Status & Direction
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Market Status & DirectionThe MRI current status indicator of the market Bull or Bear. The direction arrow shows the direction of the swinging status pendulum. No arrow equals steady or mixed condition.
Strength of Status & Momentum
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Strength of Status & Momentum The MRI strength indicator of the current Market Status Bull or Bear. The direction arrow shows the direction or momentum of the indicator. No arrow equals steady or mixed condition.
Dow Jones Industrials
S & P 500
NASDAQ Composite
Russell 2000

Every Day the MRI provides "Entry" and "Exit" signals for the Market covering thousands of stocks, keeping you ahead of
"every market move", "in every covered sector."

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Success Formula 05/25/2015

“Over 75% of Stocks Move in the Same Direction of the Market & Their Sector.” When you follow the Step by Step StockSuccess Formula you stay ONE STEP Ahead of the market every day!


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Today’s Market Strength -

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How to Avoid The Poor House!


Warren Buffett - New York Times – October 16, 2008 - “I’ve been buying American stocks. This is in my personal account I’m talking about in which I previously owned nothing but United States government bonds.” Even Buffett moves in and out of stocks as the market rotates confirming – Buy and Hold is the Surest Way to the Poor House!

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